Your Nikon RAW NEF Work Flow ?

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Doug Haag Senior Member • Posts: 1,969
Re: Your Nikon RAW NEF Work Flow ?

chrisD46 wrote:

*OP here : It would seem that to do basic global efforts in NX-D save as 16 bit TIFF then choose another editor for importing the TIFF for final edits (Luminar , Photoshop / Photoshop Elements , Light Room , etc.) then save as a TIFF or a high quality jpeg for end usage (in my case for printing from a 3rd party professional printer service) ... Your thoughts ?

That pretty much exactly describes the workflow I have evolved to.

But not all "global" adjustments are addressed in NX-D.  As just one example, I usually conduct some "global" output sharpening near the end of the process.  And that, of course, is in a secondary editor.

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