Why I am I so bad composing with wide angle lenses?

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Re: Ok. Some photos to illustrate...

Taking your style into account Lea Tippett on this forum produces many wide-angle with rocks by the sea type photos like Bruce Percy as noted by you. Tippett often uses filters, NiSi is his favoured brand, to work with very long exposures in daylight. Looking at Percy's work there is nothing difficult in there. Your current problem is that despite knowing what you want you either (a) cannot see it when it is there or (b) you do have a mental block. Have you thought of going on one of Mr. Percy's courses? Or Mr. Tippett's?If they stand you somewhere and say, "Shoot that," you will at least have a memory of something guaranteed to work as defined by the master. It could kickstart you. That and Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop and how to straighten verticals (known as keystoning) plus the methods for making the subtle tone and colour contrasts as in the Percy or Tippett work.

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