A few more thoughts about the M6II

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A few more thoughts about the M6II

I've been using my M6II for about a week now, and am still discovering features, and ways to set it up that I like. As usually happens when I get a new camera, I am liking it more and more as I get more familiar with it. No surprise there. The more familiar I get, the easier it is to use, and the more cool features I discover and make use of. First, the image quality is really excellent. In my last post about this, I said that the IQ improvement was there, but not particularly big. The more I work with the RAW files, the better I think they are, and the more impressed I am, especially with high ISO performance. Next, the eye AF is incredibly reliable, and very useful for close shots with a fast lens, like the 32 F1.4. The AF in general is even more reliable than the M6, which is no slouch. In an informal test of my wife walking towards me indoors with pretty low light, shooting 1/250 at F2.2 ISO 6400, the servo AF with face + tracking kept up perfectly (I was shooting 7fps). That's with the slowest focusing EF-M lens. I still haven't had a chance to shoot runners outdoors in good light with the 70-200 F2.8, but I am eager to do so. I have found the electronic shutter to be very useful, shooting small colloquia indoors. You can't use it with burst shooting (except for the special modes), but I've found that it's quite easy to shoot several shots in a row, without fully releasing the shutter button. It would still be nice to enable regular burst shooting in a firmware update, though. Perhaps in the upcoming one, that will provide 24p (a feature I couldn't care less about). Another cool feature is the ability to set the playback to zoom in 100% on the selected focus point. It's not quite as useful as on the 7DII, which I have set up to zoom into the focus point on pressing the SET button. With the M6II, I still have to press the play button first, but then a single turn on the quick control dial zooms into the focus point at 100%. I'm also enjoying the ability to set minimum shutter speed in auto ISO with Av mode (just like the 7DII). The level of customizability is impressive. I'm sure I'll keep customizing it, as I discover more ways to do it. The overall design of this camera is really well thought out. The upgrades remind me a lot of the upgrades from the 7D to 7DII. A lot of little (and some not so little) things that add up to a significant overall upgrade. A few more pictures (downsized to 2000 pixels for web viewing):

More cat shots:

First snow of the winter/fall:

Silent shutter and 32 F1.4 make shooting small colloquia easy.

All in all, I'm really enjoying this camera. It is the best all-around camera I've owned (the previous best was the M6).

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