16-80 Please check your copy - Focus Issue narrowed down

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Stoneh Ray
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16-80 Please check your copy - Focus Issue narrowed down

First of all, apologies for another 16-80 thread, however I believe I have found the cause for my problems with this lens.

I have narrowed down the focus issues with my copy of the lens, please check yours as the behavior is very strange. I thought my unsharp images were because I was running firmware 3.0 on my XT3, I updated to 3.01 and the next batch of normal snapshots I took looked good. So I decided to stop getting paranoid and enjoy the lens.

I went out today and with confidence to enjoy some photography, however it turned out to be a snapshot testing session as I was once again disappointed with the images.

What i have discovered is that any images between 1/100 to around 1/220 the images are not sharp, its not a back/front focus issue as nothing is sharp. I took a shot at F4 1/320 and one at 1/180 F8. (I had no problems acquiring focus for any of the shots.)

I would have expected both to be good, the F4 shot was better as the shutter speed was faster, however 180/s at 120mm for a lens with 6 stop IS should not be an issue, camera operator error? not when you have repeated tests over 10 times.

I did some tests again when I got home, took same picture with XH1 and XT3.

No problems whatsoever with X-H1, even image at 1/30s was sharp at 120mm.

I have no problems with focus on X-T3 on any of my primes primes. 23 1.4, 35 1.4 and 56 1.2 so I think its IS related issue, or shutter shock?

Anyways, I would like to hear from the experienced guys here as I would like to confirm

a) My lens is faulty

b) Wider Issue with this particular lens model

These are straight out of camera full size images for your observations.

I do not have any other fuji bodies to try this im afraid, but if you have this lens please try and see if the issue above can be replicated.

Thanks in advance

Focus was on bench smallest area



The next scene is with XT3 only - only shutter speed difference

Another 1/160/s poor image

still poor at 1/200

Good sharpness once over 1/300s - focused on the Van

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