Hot Diggety Dog!

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Hot Diggety Dog!

Today, in North Las Vegas staged in front of Wal-Mart I had the privilege to meet Luke aka Lunchmeat Luke….

ME: So, Luke, what is your official title? Pilot?

Luke: We are officially known as “Hotdoggers”. My handle is Lunchmeat Luke and my partner is Miles of Smiles Mandy. We are two of the twelve Hotdoggers in 6 Weinermobiles that travel the country.

RB: Where are you guys from?

Luke: I grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from college in Madison and Mandy is from Massachussets and graduated from college in New York. Currently we are the West Coast team and we are enjoying exploring all this new terrain west of the Mississippi.

RB: So, when you fill up for gas, I am sure it take a few extra minutes to chat with the fans?

Luke: For sure! Since we love what we do, we are always up for an little extra conversation to discuss the Weinermobile and life as a Hotdogger. In fact, we were enroute to Idaho from Oregon and we had to pull into a small town to fill up on gas. The locals expressed how this was one of the biggest events to happen in their small town in a while. People were calling up family members to come down to see the Weinermobile.

RB: Since the first Weinermobile was launched during the Great Depression in 1936, how significant is it for you as a Hotdogger knowing your are part of a 83+ year legacy?

Luke: I love that aspect of being a Hotdogger. Someone shared with me how they remembered the weather, the day and their Weinermobile experience FIFTY years ago! If I could be a part of that sort of positive experience in someones life as a Hotdogger driving the Weinermobile, it will be awesome.

RB: If a teenager or younger wanted to include a yearlong experience as an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger, what sort of career guidance could you offer?

Luke: I would recommend a young person get good grades, get through college and really develop your own personality where you embrace day-t0-day change, love being apart of such an iconic American brand and be ready to travel!

RB: Thanks Lunchmeat Luke and safe travels!

Inside the Weinermobile with Luke - 12mm Laowa Zero D ~ harsh shadows

For a year, this is the two-person personal vehicle.  So, just doing a quick grab at the local supermarket turns into a 30 minute PR adventure.  LOL

This is what professional "hotdoggers" look like!

Somehow, hotdogs just evoke a certain silliness.

Not quite the lines of a Ferrari, but, still pretty sleek all things considered.

Driving the MIni-Cooper in 2008 would have been fun!  A fleet of those could end up in a Star Wars spoof movie...hahahahahah

“A little bit of this town goes a very long way.” - Hunter S. Thompson

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