V Lux Typ114 vs FZ1000 - spot the difference (if you can)

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V Lux Typ114 vs FZ1000 - spot the difference (if you can)

Both of these cameras in my hands at the moment so I thought I'd try for myself to see if I can see any difference in their JPEG output.  Cards on the table - I don't believe Leica change the JPEG settings in the latest iterations of their compact cameras from those developed by Panasonic.  However, I've seen enough posts by others who are convinced the Leica colours are somehow nicer, or better for European skin tones, to want to check.

Therefore I've taken two pictures of a ColorChecker card, using both cameras tripod mounted, and with the OIS off - within moments of each other.  I used the same manual exposure (1/10 sec at f5, ISO125) and set a custom white balance using a white card.

The images are in my gallery and linked below - play with them to your heart's desire.

On my computer (profiled monitor) blown up at 180% I can see no difference in the colours whatsoever - the standard JPEG colour settings appear to me to be identical.  I do notice a difference in sharpness though, which needs further investigation....the image from the Lumix is slightly sharper, especially on the right side of the image.

Putting all the measurement and peeping to one side, my other thoughts are:

(1) the Leica is a slightly more attractive camera, clearly a matter of personal taste

(2) the Leica however feels cheaper to me - this is because it is made of a flat plastic rather than the slightly textured/mottled finish of the Lumix.  The latter feels nicer, I suspect may be more resistant to marking, and also hides the body seams better

(3) there are worrying gaps around the function buttons on the top plate of the Leica, which would be large enough to allow in rain in the slightest shower.  The tolerances on the Lumix are tighter.  I know neither are advertised as weather resistant so perhaps a moot point

(4) I prefer the front grip of the Leica, which is slightly chunkier and suitable for larger hands.  The Lumix feels slightly more cramped by comparison

Both are excellent cameras for what they are, and probably do most of what most people would ever need.  But I wouldn't buy the Leica if you think you are going to get better image quality with some kind of different processing and colour science from the Lumix - my experience (and I've done similar tests that conclude the same thing with other profiles eg natural) is that the JPEG settings are indistinguishable across both cameras.

Hope this is helpful (even if it doesn't say what some people want to read....).


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