THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

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Re: THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution No IBIS

mrbr wrote:

karlreed wrote:

I am considering a move to mirrorless, however, DX without IBIS is for me not worth the effort!

I am disappointed..


Yes, I understand. But the Z50 is only the beginning of the dx mirrorless nikon camera line …. IMO one of the future Zx0 bodies with x>5 will have IBIS …. just wait ….. also, teh Z50 will become cheaper and IMO nikon will in the future do cash-back actions to !

I don't think that full featured DX for Z-mouth are economically feasible. The sole price difference is sensor price. How much can you gain in cheaper sensor? I think less $100 per unit.

In DSLR world there were differences in mirror box and viewfinder construction that differentiate prices between FX and DX. Also it was easier achieve high FPS with lighter and smaller DX mirror.

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