Leica OIS Fault? Has to be....

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Leica OIS Fault? Has to be....

I have had the Leica Q2 for a month.  My wife and I flew to NYC and rented a car and drove 2,200 miles all over New England and Quebec Canada for the Fall color season.  I shot 600 shots with my Leica Q2.  I was primarily shooting my Fuji 50r system and 6 GFX lenses, but I always had my Leica with me and used it on many of the scenes every day.

We returned home yesterday and I spent a lot of the day on post with the Leica raw files.  I am amazed by the camera and absolutely love it (except for the faulty lens cap of course).  The stabilization, ergo, lens and everything else is wonderful.  Is it worth 5 grand?  You never ask that about a Leica but it certainly is for me.  That Q2 is incredible and I am going to take it everywhere.

I will post about 200 of the shots on my Flickr within the next few days and will pick out some good ones to post on a thread here.

But first, I need to talk about a problem with the stabilization - one I experienced some with other cameras with IBIS.

I believe that every now and then and completely randomly, the stabilization must go bad.  I deleted 5 shots out of  the first 200 I edited in LR that were badly blurred.

I am a very experienced photographer and I can promise you it was not a focus, DOF or camera shake problem.  It has to be a stabilization error.

Here is an example.  Any thoughts?

I hate for my first Leica image posting here on this board to be a problem complaint, but before I continue working in post I want to ask if this is a known issue?

These two shots were fired moments apart with the Q2 from the hill above Quebec City in Quebec, Canada from the hill below the citadel.  These are full size JPEGs shot at Base ISO, F9 and plenty of speed with IBIS.  It is not a focus, high ISO, speed, DOF or camera shake problem.  It has to be the stabilization system going crazy for a shot.

You can see that the first shot is incredibly tac sharp of a very detailed scene.  I am amazed how sharp the Q2 and that lens is.  It is almost as good as my Medium Format gear.  The second shot is a mess and I had 5 of these so far out of 215 images edited.

tac sharp

a mess.  IBIS Fault for Sure

What do you think?  Why am I getting this random blurred shots?

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