THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

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Re: THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

krikman wrote:

Don't take seriously mirrorless camera prices. If manufactured with same price margin as DSLR they are 3x overpriced today. Extra money compensates for R&D.

In DSLR world DX vs FX had a big cost difference. Cost to manufacture FX mirrorbox, AF module and viewfinder prizm with same tolerances were about 4x more compared to DX parts. Othervise in mirrorless cameras cost differences are minimal and almost solely are sensor costs.

But production expences can be minimized with large scale. So 'N-company' needs product that utilises bulk of common components and tecnologies and can be produced and sold massively. It must be differentiated from premium products in fundamental qualities for consumer (DX). Also it lacks the only precision mechanical component that needs an adjustments - IBIS.

Here comes The Z50. If sold >100k units per month its price can be lowered to $300 and still make profit. And lower manufacturing cost for future FF mirrorless with IBIS in $1000 range.

Z50 starts Big Price Wars in mirrorless market and ready to win for Nikon.

P.S.: Exactly 10 years ago mirrorless evolution begun with Olympus Pen. Today Nikon made mirrorless revolution accomplished.

I'm not quite sure why people get angry that a company is trying to make a profit. Do you you to work to earn a wage h that only just covers your expenses? Or do you try to earn a wage than covers your expenses and have plenty left over for living? (And I don't mean eating, I mean LIVING, like travel, buying cameras etc ). So why should a company price a product that only covers their manufacturing costs?

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