3 months after leaving FF system behind (for the second time after 2013) ...

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Re: 3 months after leaving FF system behind (for the second time after 2013) ...

Thank you for sharing your experience, I've been having similar! The nearest optical equivalent (in terms of FOV and DOF) to the 90/2 for FE is the Zeiss 135/2.8. The difference in light gathering by the lens is offset by the light gathering of photosites on the sensor. And the Zeiss is 500g lighter than the Sigma f/1.8, bringing the two systems physically much closer to each other. There are more examples that follow this pattern (eg, Fuji 8-16/2.8 vs Sony 12-24/4; Fuji 50-140/2.8 vs Sony 70-200/4; etc.)

BUT, the Zeiss lens costs double the price of the Fuji! In general, I've found the price difference (as well as Fuji ergos, aesthetics and build) to be more pronounced (AFAIC), than size + weight.

deednets wrote:

I had actually considered the SIGMA 135/1.8 ART, more than a stop less DOF but the same-ish light gathering capabilities:

On this compare camera website the SONY doesn't "really" look so much larger, right?? But it is:

SONY A7III+135/1.8 = 1.780g

FUJI X-TIII+90/2 = 1.079g

... and the 90/2 is a large lens in the Fuji lens lineup.

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