Z50 questions (4K and photos)

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Nic727 wrote:


I have some questions regarding the announced Z50.

1. What bitrates for the 4K videos and is there a V-log option?

A good guess for bitrates would be similar to the D7500 or D500. 144mbps in 4K. (Nikon's V-log is called N-log). N-log will require an external recorder like Atomos Ninja V.

2. Is there a fast pancake Z lens yet? (Like 12 - 40mm f2.8) — Nevermind, I found they have a fast Z lens (not pancake) but it cost $3k...

There is a pancake 16-50mm F/3.5-6.3 you can buy as a kit lens, that costs like $150 extra.

I recognize the Panasonic lingo, so you should be aware that this lens would be like a 12-37.5mm F/2.6-4.7 in the Panasonic/Olympus world.

3. Do the Nikon cameras have something similar to color profile from Panasonic (standard, vivid, natural, etc.)?

Yes, and they are very, very customizable, to get very good dynamic range and color grading potential.

See my post here:

4. When is the release date in November? Going to travel November 5th and I need a camera lol.


I think the release date is November 7th or around there but I could be wrong.  You may want to google around

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