A7RIII vs A7RIV Sensor Comparison (Dustin Abbott)

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Re: A7RIII vs A7RIV Sensor Comparison (Dustin Abbott)

Glenn Barber wrote:

Eric Gill wrote:

Glenn Barber wrote:

Eric Gill wrote:

Sold. That F-35 transonic shot is perfection.

Glenn Barber wrote:

Here's some aircraft shots


You will note that I had to push the shadows in that shot and at 100% you can definitely see the noise. PS noise reduction does work well for that - but I didn't use it on this shot.

BTW - here's a 100% crop of a different subject to show the level of detail achievable

Not seeing much in the way of shadow noise in the large version we're able to view, but I've gotten great results with plugins like NeatImage or Topaz DeNoise. Been able to save shots in the 51.2K range, at least for web, from the A99III's sensor.

You don't need to sell me twice, though that would do it.

I'm probably more sensitive to noise in shadows, because of shooting BIF(or aircraft sometimes) where the subject detail is frequently in shadow. One thing I do seem to have a problem with is getting the exposure correct with the the exposure tied to the point of focus. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but getting some unexpectedly underexposed or blown out images when shooting in high speed continuous.

I try to shoot under - seems to be more DR in the shadows in the Sony sensors.

But if those are a fair sample of what you're shooting, relax. Work out a methodology to keep the exposure within a stop under and you'll probably be happy.

You might give Neat Image or Topaz DeNoise a shot. They have some pretty good routines to clean noise and avoid detail compared to PS/ACR/Lightroom.

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