Z50 shutter is not rated. Is it a problem?

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Re: Z50 shutter is not rated. Is it a problem?

Serjojeee wrote:

All Nikon DX enthusiast cameras shutters (at least since D90) were rated by Nikon (100k-150k actuations). But I can't find any info about Z50 in this regard. Just like 3xxx and 5xxx bodies. It looks like that might be a problem here, cause people who are interested in photography tend to shoot a lot and if the real shutter reliability is within 50k shots than it might become a problem. Does anyone have any info about official or unofficial Z50 shutter rating? Is it a problem for you anyway?

Rates for DSLR are for mirror box mechanics that works in high loads. Shutter itself is much more robust and works in million range without a problems.

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