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I have a slightly different perspective on things.

I’m a moderator/admin on the largest guitar forum in the UK. We have well over 12000 members. Of all the topics that come up in our “off topic” area, camera buying advice is one of the most common.


These are mostly guys in the 25-55 age range who aren’t photographers, they are musicians - and mostly amateurs - these are the guys you see on a Friday night down the local bar slogging it out to entertain for little cash.
But for many they love taking pictures and videos of gigs, their instruments, amps, venues, all sorts of stuff.

The truth is for them a smartphone doesn’t cut it. They want better quality. Much better quality. They want medium telephoto, wide angle, fast primes, high iso performance because they want to put this stuff on their website and they can’t afford a photographer.

Some of them just want a better bit of kit than a phone because they are tech junkies who have got studios and see the benefits of proper dedicated kit. Most don’t like the idea of using a screen and want a proper viewfinder for composition and because it’s contextually easier in a venue.

And the usual budget range? £500-£1000. It’s never over £1000. If the z50’s low light performance is as good as anticipated then it fits right into this market. If Nikon did a few cheap DX primes it would almost be made for them.

What do 90% of them buy? A Fuji with a cheap fast-ish prime and a kit zoom. I’m sure there’s lots of other groups like this - all of whom know that a smartphone doesn’t do what they want, because they need something more specialist, but they also don’t want to spend big bucks on high end enthusiast gear. They want small, light, good output for under £1000.

These guys are the epitome of the connected media generation who have to use the internet to promote their music and their output. Yet they recognise that a smartphone doesn’t cut it and they still may need specialist kit. Why? They use an iPhone for a quick recording, but when they actually want quality output they will use proper dedicated interfaces and equipment.

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