Image Hosting Service & Ownership - Advice Needed

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Re: Image Hosting Service & Ownership - Advice Needed

Foto-Hawk wrote:

Actually no. Downloading isn't a worry. The usage by someone other than the legal owner is along with who the owner is.
With some services like FB, if I've read correctly, once it's on their servers they own that image. Even if it's low quality they still own that copy and can do with it what they please. This is what I need to avoid.

Ok no problem, but I am obviously missing something here.

You want to avoid services like FB from owning the copy of uploaded images and then being able to do what they like with it, but you have no issue with everyone else on the planet with access to the www potentially downloading your image and doing what they like with it.

In my experience the concept of copyright and ownership means nothing to people who download other peoples' images for their own purposes.

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