Sigma fp - User Manual Available - Read Before You Buy

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Sigma fp - User Manual Available - Read Before You Buy

Many questions are clarified by reading the 160 page manual.

A few items worth noting:

Electronic image stabilization cannot be used with lens stabilization (if applicable).

Many features cannot be used simultaneously. See top of page 64 for examples (HDR and electronic stabilization cannot be used together).

DNG cannot be used with HDR or electronic stabilization (see page 71). This makes sense as camera is doing processing for these features. Same for CinemaDNG (see page 75).

Top speed of 18 frames per second is only for JPEG (and limited to medium file size), not for DNG or highest quality JPEG (limited to 12). See page 64.

page 21 - 240 minutes to recharge the battery and camera cannot be on when recharging the battery. Separate accessory is needed to run camera using AC.

Touch panel has limited functionality - see page 27

Items on menu may be grayed out depending on other features / items selected. See comment above about certain features that cannot be used simultaneously. See pages 30, 64, 67, 69, 71, 95, 103, etc. (see items in boxes).

Raw files are DNG and it is possible to pull a still DNG file from a 12 bit cinema file (external recording only). See page 119.

Quick set menu for Cine vs still settings. Many options - see page 38.

Small brightness histogram available (with level indicator at center of screen) and brightness and RGB histograms available in playback. See pages 39, 49, 116.

See page 66 for nuances of lens vs electronic stabilization. There are restrictions on shutter speed and ISO.

See page 69 for low ISO (down to 6) and high ISO settings.

File size for DNG image 14 bit - 58.3 MB. The 12 bit is 52.4 MB. See page 79 & 80.

For optional accessories, see page147+.

For specifications, see page 155+.

The maximum bulb time is 300 seconds - page 51.

There are 49 focus frames for focusing. See page 54. Touch focusing is possible across most of the frame - free movement (not just 49 points).

There appears to be no indicator for an in focus image when manually focusing. See page 61 for MF magnification though. See page 62 for focus peaking, but this cannot be used with zebra pattern re exposure (see page 62).

Face / eye detect auto focus is available - see page 57+. Probably no where near the Sony functionality and performance.

AF magnification is available - various alternatives re timing and extent of magnification. See page 59+.

Fill light - see page 94+ and page 102 for fill light bracketing.

See page 102 for HDR nuances and settings / options.

Also posted to L Mount Talk forum.


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