anyone using the 28-70 f2 as a regular lens ?

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Re: anyone using the 28-70 f2 as a regular lens ?

sobrien wrote:

I had a chance to use it today in a store for a little while today, maybe 15 minutes or so.

I was very impressed with the handling. Feels great in the hand when in use. The little ridge where it widens slightly is perfect for a finger underneath the barrel. All of the rings were nicely accessible when supporting it that way - even the control ring on the front, which was a nice surprise. I was surprised at how balanced it felt, not at all unwieldy and actually a pleasure.

It was not difficult to hold it in "selfie" direction - probably better than most other lenses, in fact, because holding it under its centre of weight, behind that little ridge, places the sensor a bit further back - makes up a little bit for the lost 4cm for the purpose of selfies. If you are into that kind of thing.

The weight was noticeable after holding it by my side for a little while, though. I would be interested to see how I might get on over an extended period with my hand strap . I suspect it would get pretty heavy even with the strap and that it is probably more of a shoulder strap lens.

The AF seemed pretty fast. Not lightning fast, and I expect the RF 24-70 2.8 to be faster, but probably fast enough for most purposes. I tried it in video and, yeah, it was not nearly as quiet as the nano USM lenses, but it was not as loud as I expected it to be based on the criticisms I had come across.

The front element is monstrous, however, and I would consider theft insurance before deciding to buy this. This is not news to anyone, but this lens will attract attention.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the lens. I really want to make this my walk around lens. I’ve decided to rent it for a weekend to see how I get on with it. But it’s been overcast and raining most days here in London. So I’m waiting for some better weather.

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