Firmware 1.4.0 is up

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Re: Firmware 1.4.0 is up

I saw posts of people using flashes with the R that the Exposure Simulation should be turned off, and that you have to do in manually in the menu. I started thinking why would anyone turn that off- with EXP SIM on you see how the ambient will behave when playing with the shutter speed with other setting set in manual, so it would be pretty useful, right? So I started playing with the camera and flash today to check it out (didn't have time for that earlier). But I did not see any difference between EXP SIM being turned on or off with the flash on the camera. So by trial and error it occured to me that the camera switches it off automatically. And yes- when you turn on flash the EXP SIM square on the screen turns gray, as if it were off. Changing the shutter speed had no difference on what I saw on the screen (except for the meter showing different exposure). When I turned the flash off, you could see the difference of changing the shutter speed- also the EXP SIM square turns white then.

So is this something new to firmware 1.4.0?

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