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Truman Prevatt wrote:

Tkshaffer wrote:

I am jumping from the x-t2 to x-h1 as I type this. If I can justify that I would think you would really appreciate the advancements. For me, I was really drawn to:

Increased size of hand grip


Top screen with e-ink


Robust build (not that there is anything in the world wrong with the xt2 but i am an outdoorsman)

Battery grip (I want to buy this for my xt2 but its still 200 dollars!)

Shutter advancements

It sure seems like an amazing deal knowing I considered it a year ago at twice the money WITHOUT the grip. The fact that you can bundle a lens in at nearly half price is the cherry on top considering I have been lusting after the 90mm forever.

The X-h1 just seems to me like a camera you keep forever, even if it was a commercial flop due to timing. While I don't expect my photos to be markedly different than my XT2, I hope to get more keepers from the IBIS and shutter changes.

I picked up the H1 for my work at the track and other equestrian sporting events. The advantages of the H1 as I see it not necessarily in priority order:

The new soft shutter and EFC to reduce shutter shock.

The top screen

The heavy duty build

The hand grip that makes the H1 and larger lenses like my 50-140, 90 and 56 nicely balanced. I'm also finding myself grabbing the H1 for my 23 f1.4 more and more.

IBIS is a nice feature but I find myself not using IS for my work with horses since the high shutter speed required. It is however nice to have for stationary subjects in low light to keep the ISO as low as possible or to stabilize the 90 when shutter speeds get down below about 1/125.

I see no need for a battery grip for the H1 since it is robust enough without one.

Do you get the similar performance boost from the battery grip though as happens on the XT-2?  I would just think in sporting events the extra boost in the continuous shutter speed would be handy.  I may be completely off, I haven't researched exactly how the boost aspect of the battery pack works.  I doubt i will use it every time or even half the time but it seems like a handy tool in the belt.

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