What are your thoughts on this lens...

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Re: What are your thoughts on this lens...on the K1

Hello TomWret

It is a good lens and one of my lens, which benefits from a AA less sensor and the f2.8 AF points.

When you use it on your K1:

you get vignetting at f1.4 and it's gone at f2.8

Test pictures:

vignetting at f 1.4 (focus point is the tree in the centre of the picture)

the trees at the boarders are already dark do to the illumination direction of the sun, on the other hand, you see and can compare therefore the vignetting relative good

compared with f1.8:

compared with f 2.8:

compared with f8

Close distance:


compared with f1.8:

compared with f2.8:

It is a nice little lens. It has of cause a centre orientated sharpness, when you use it around full open.

The sharpness is at full open even in the centre a little soft, and in the centre really ok for me at 1.8-f2 and at f2.8 anyway

You get at once more contrast into your picture, when you use f 1.8-f2 instead a f1.4

BTW: That are RAW pictures out of the camera....I mean, I did not PP them, all got the same standard setting in LightRoom. You can see that my K1 do underexpose at f1.4 a very little the picture.

best regards KPM2

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