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Though the article talked a lot about IQ, bokeh and such it didn't touch on AF performance at all.

A f1.2 lens will simply focus better than a f2.8 lens in dim lighting. If you find yourself in low light situations that your system struggles in terms of AF, then a faster lens will really make that difference.

That's actually not true for DSLRs, which have AF systems that are usually limited to 2.8.

Really? You telling me that the 5DIV for example will focus at f2.8 instead of f1.8 with a f1.8 prime?

In PDAF, yes. That's correct. With dual pixel live view though, it will use The 1.8.

Generally my comment on more light better AF stems from my experience with sony cameras. The difference between shooting focusing at f4 vs f2.8 is noticable. Same from f2.8 to f1.8. So I am sure it is also noticeable between f1.8 and f1.2. It can mean the difference between not bothering to take out the camera since you know it will be a battle, or taking it out for the shot.

Some people twist a little ring instead of depress a button, to accomplish the same, and they get to see in slow motion the effect of different focal planes being selected. It's a miracle, and some tell me it works in low light conditions as well as in bright ones. But not all lenses have this new "Focus Ring" technology, which requires all kind of muscles in the subject to be trained, and to some, well, it's a lot of effort and very error prone process.

Uh huh. Thanks for the heads up. But if I am in a situation where the subjects are moving about then having to manual focus will still result in the camera staying in the bag.

I can either take a quick candid shot and if not I rather be part of the group. But since I have the EOS R it pretty much focuses in the dark with no issues with a f1.8 lens on it. Would do even better with a 1.2, but I am not willing to pay for it nor the other penalties.

If the camera can focus in the low light available, for candids, I'd always use AF as well.

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