B&H: X-H1 + grip + 16-55 for $1198

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Re: B&H: X-H1 + grip + 16-55 for $1198

Wezre wrote:

10sj03 wrote:

Jhuffphoto wrote:

Wezre wrote:

Jhuffphoto wrote:

Well they pulled it down now. I am curious to see if my order stands.

It’s still showing up for me, at least. Haven’t decided if I can convince the wife to let me buy a second camera in order to get one or two lenses on insane discount.

Yes I retract my previous statement. It’s there still just kinda buried. I decided to ask forgiveness instead of permission. I just hope that my order goes through all the way to delivery. Plus I may be able to find some other old stuff to sell to help offset the purchase.

It accepted my order. Charged my credit card. Got an order confirmation. When I log back in to check my order, it says more on the way and the lens prices are not the deeply discounted bundle price.

So it’s showing that you’re going to be charged more than the bundle price that’s advertised? I would think that they would either have to honor the price or cancel your order.

I don’t know. I have not seen another transaction on my credit card. If they are full price, I would just cancel the order.

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