Your Nikon RAW NEF Work Flow ?

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Re: Your Nikon RAW NEF Work Flow ?

I wrote my own raw converter software, and in doing so determined the key "difference" in raw converters is their source of the color primaries for the particular camera.  Even then, the differences do not become apparent until you're shooting extreme colors that posterize at the upper end.  Adobe's Standard DCP profiles seem to be configured well for this, and a lot of raw converters will recognize them.  Or, just use LR and, ta-da, there they are... 

Nikon's ND-X software does have a particular advantage in this regard, in that it uses the color primaries that the Nikon engineers made for their baby.  Those can be extracted for use in other software, but it's not a trivial process.

On another forum, I participate in a "PlayRaw" endeavor where someone will post a raw file to see what others can do with it.  There, I've downloaded raws from cameras of all the major makers and haven't noticed a particular challenge with Nikon NEFs.  Disclaimer, I'm a Nikon shooter...

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