Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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Re: Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

fferreres wrote:

A good guess is the OP is trying to say f1.4 is overrated. And that would happen if 45% sample of the population would answer they need them , and you asked them to produce 10 samples, some experts could look at them, and then privately discuss, they'd find out a vast majority of those shots did not need and did not benefit from f1.4 but actually did a disservice to the photos.

One is SURE. Camera lens market is so saturated and mature, the only think you can easily sell is an f1 lens at $200 that is semi decent. Hordes will buy it. Why? Because nobody that is a hobbyist needs anything but the vast majority don't enjoy the fact they are lacking some tools. If I could produce a decent (not state of the art) 180MP camera at $3100, and an 28mm f0.9 that is decent at $290 , I would guaranteed to sell hordes of them, maybe even including me.

What is the ideal dream of a photographer? The good old days where having the best equipment was a rarity and expensive enough, so that you could produce photos that were new, and be admired in some way. Today, photography is so brutally UNREWARDING to many people. Nobody wants to look at ever more pictures than they already do, and if you don't share your awesome pic of the Aurora Borealis, nobody will even care one damn bit because we have 180,000 amazing photos of it, or any other subject. So we create these clubs many, the vast majority, pretend to care about others photos, calling it " Like", but in reality, they don't, and it's a currency and art how to get likes, usually very little having to do with quality or interesting photos, or those other kind of networks were many engage in quid pro quo liking of their photos, to feel a bit better, rank higher, and usually this ties back with popularity and a change to " make it to the top" or be a "so-called" guru, etc.

What I post above may or may no be regarded as 100% of cases, but I think it represents a vast majority if cases. And with the influx of great mobile camera phones, photography has shifted were the only WOWs now come from those frontiers of imaging, like the image of our galactic core computed 4 months ago, or a new breathtaking photo of Neptune, things we have never seen, or have never seen in such beautiful detail. A good picture is as novel as wearing a good white shirt for work. Expected, nothing to even think about, only the moment it's not ironed, people will notice and point it out, just like in a picture that is underexposed, badly focused, etc.

That's why f1.2 lenses are important, because your 9 other friends that take photos and mingle with you, or those that take phone pics, will have never seen a pic of themselves in such a razon thin DOF, and it will be novel. But make these lenses very cheap, or make the TOF sensors in cameras 3 generations ahead, and it may be possible to compute highly accurate 3D maps and we'll see fake f1 lenses be so utterly normal and abused, that ...I am wondering what dedicated camera users like would have to argue now, other than really learning to take more interesting, better composed, lit and thought photos.

But in reality, I agree with the OP, and I won't be selling ANY of my f1.4 lenses, but unless in very low light, I know and see with my very own eyes, usually the best choice is something else entirely, maybe 99% of cases (except the low light case of course).

Wow, how did i miss your statement in the first run thru.  Lot of it jives with my personal experience.  I've been  trying to sell photos since i retired in 2003.  Spent several years selling out of small  retail shops, and the last 4 years in 2 co-op galleries.  For a long time - to save costs, i would print and stretch my own canvas prints.   I'd say that the only ones making money out of "art" photos are the commercial companies printing on paper, canvas, metal,  and a variety of other media.

I do belong to a photography club and we delight in showing our photos to each other online and at the club.   Occasionally we'll get new members and they start off by showing their wonderful exotic pictures and we'll give them "likes" etc.  Yawn...yawn.  One of the members kept many of her pictures on an IPAD, and a few times I would bump into her downtown and she would start showing me her pictures, again and again.  Never ending, one after the other.  I started avoiding her

In the last coupla years, I've started welding art work and that has gotten to the current status where i make tables and sell them.  When you're thru making a table, its something physical that you can reach out and touch.  I enjoy that

I think one of the things that has decimated the photography/even painting market is the availability of large cheap imported canvas prints at ridicuously low prices in shops like Pier One and World Market.  Online canvas, etc., printing stores will buy lines of digitized images from artists and will sell cheap prints from those image sources in whatever media/size you want at inexpensive prices.  Good luck to artists out there - you are generally going to need it.

Want to buy a table?  How about a table with f1.4 lenses on it - cheap joke - sorry.

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