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Re: Thanks for sending this * Revised 10-7-19 ***

I lived thru the era when VCR's were new, (oh happy day) the manuals were beyond awful, college graduates couldn't set the clocks to even try scheduling a recording. Now, like bad subtitles, it can be laughable, but not then.

RTFM came from that era.

My friend Sue and I bought the new rx100m1 fall 2012. She went back to Florida, and I was trying to help her learn hers on the phone. Horrible experience for us both. So, write it down, send it to her. And, I need to write stuff down anyway, because my memory ain't great.

I and many others hated Sony's huge menus used in the rx100's. I beat it into submission. I'm not going to let a machine beat me.

Then, Stylus 1, my first Oly, holy crap, what a disguised mess. Most difficult is so many items buried in sub-menus, buried in illogical places, impossible to remember where something is buried.

Originally, I researched, found Robin Wong's review of the Stylus 1 (nothing was on dpr), and then found a real camera store with one to check out. The salesman said, Oh yeah, I know all about that camera, the Oly rep was just here. Well, I took some shots in the store, they were god awful, I left depressed. After a while, I decided something must have been wrong, and bought one at B&H. RTFM, I'll never forget the moment I found default Jpeg Compression is N. How to cripple a racehorse!

I came to realize, Sony's huge menu is preferrable, because nearly everything has it's own line to find, very few options are in sub-menus.

Oly's SCP is terrific, they use the entire lcd for 23 icons in one place. Sony has a Fn Menu, only 12 items because they leave the live view on above 2 rows of icons. Who needs live view when checking/changing settings. How long have they been making cameras?

Sony added 'My Menu', starts empty, you select the settings, up to 30 items, and you put them in your order. I put mine in alphabetical, great except when they use illogical names for settings. Anyway, you get the Fn for the active 12, and My Menu 30 items for stuff you want to occasionally find without the full menu slowing you down.

I stopped complaining, when you think of all the capabilities these modern miracles have, it requires work but well worth it.

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