Canon confirms future firmware updates to include 24p video modes (also for M6II)

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Re: Canon confirms future firmware updates to include 24p video modes (also for M6II)

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Another big deal would be to add the 4K video in crop mode which the 90D already has and offers true 4K quality.

I imagine it's much easier for the M6 II body to overheat when shooting 4k and that is likely why Canon is only allowing pixel-binned 4k in that model.

No, the M6 II and 90D are both using pixel binning to allow reading the sensor faster which reduces rolling shutter. The sensor normally reads out around 40ms, but can do 17ms with pixel binning.

This is a good compromise by Canon balancing between high resolution sensors for stills while providing uncropped 4k video. Canon does it trough 2x2 pixel binning which results in 3.6k file upscaled to 4k so the UHD is achieved through image processing but 10% short of 4k is probably within the margins that allows Canon to use the UHD/4k label.

the 16:9 crop is 6960 x 3904, making 2x2 pixels gives 3480 x 1952, which is about 10% off 3840 x 2160. So 3.6k upscaled to 4k.

I am quite happy with this compromise and willing to accept slightly lower resolution video but with dramatically reducing rolling shutter. I now use my m6ii exclusively for 4k video.

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