Canon confirms future firmware updates to include 24p video modes (also for M6II)

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Re: Canon confirms future firmware updates to include 24p video modes (also for M6II)

Mirfak wrote:

nnowak wrote:

Photato wrote:

More than 24fps the M6 II badly needs Live Crop modes up to 5X "Zoom" for Stills and Video to take advantage of the 32MP sensor.

A 5X crop of the 32mp sensor is only 1.3mp. On the 24mp sensor it would be 1mp. Seems utterly worthless either way.

It's cruel to burst the guy's bubble like that, given that he raises this request at every possible opportunity (I've lost count). Anyway, if I know that I'm going to crop an image in post, I get good results by switching to partial area metering.

In RAW burst mode, you get an 18MP crop, which is useful because you're often tracking something specific in the scene.

18MP Crop is not enough. The benefits of Live Crops are more extensive than people care to realize, and yes including better exposure with less effort.

This shot was taken with the M6 and the EF-S 55-250 at the tele end requiring massive crop.

It only uses 770x770 pixels and to me is good enough, but is a pain to shoot without a more convenient Digital Zoom.

The M6 II with 32MP would resolved the moon details even better, but it needs a Live Crop mode!

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