New iPadOS makes iPad Pro a Sony image-processing beast for travel

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Re: New iPadOS makes iPad Pro a Sony image-processing beast for travel

DigiSage wrote:

sunny16day wrote:
When I bought my phone, apple phones didn't offer USB 3.1. They've had ports which theoretically support those speeds but when you test them, they operated at USB 2 speeds. I'm not sure if this is still the case (it was last year) but I imagine it is.

This hasn’t been true for years, especially not for USB-C enabled iPad Pros.

I’m not sure I understand these comments, however, I don’t get anywhere near USB-C speeds when connecting an A7r iii or iv directly between the camera and iPadPro 11 (latest version) with iOS 12 or 13 (latest version) with a usb c cable. Nor when using a usb-c sdxc card reader plugged into the iPad. In either case I am getting approximately usb 2 speeds. This is with Sony tough 300 mb/s cards giving me around 60 mb/s read speeds. The same card plugged into a Mac transfers much faster. I’m not sure what the bottleneck is.

Having said that I agree with the OP that the iPadPro is a beast and is handling large files well once they are on the iPad.  While I can’t edit raw A7r iv files yet the unopened jpgs are around 60 mb unopened and are editable basically in real time in photos and lr.

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