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For fan boys

I returned to this forum after a long time. Don’t look at my subscription date because I lost my old account when DP reorganized a few years ago and I was not able to gain it back. So I watched this community for at least 15 years and noticed some unpleasant things.

I don’t intend to create polemics or to offend anybody but… There is a clear tendency to silence anybody that dares to criticize Sony.

I like to think of myself as a rational fan boy. Almost all the electronic equipment that I own is Sony (not only cameras) and if it is not Sony it’s because Sony does not have that product in their portfolio. That’s how loyal I am to the brand.

Now I don’t own every camera that Sony sells or all lenses ever made by Sony. Some people here are of the opinion that if you don’t own it your opinion is to put it mildly unworthy and unwanted. I have a problem with that.

To push this logic further it means that every new camera you buy it’s a leap of fate in to the unknown because you never owned that camera before so you simply don’t have a valid opinion about it. And I thought this is the place where people came to educate themselves about equipment that they don’t yet have. Apparently not.

Another logical fallacy frequently used here is that if you don’t like a product it’s not because the product is flood but it is because it is not addressed to you but to some exotic and niche professional somewhere. Give me a break! That would mean that Sony never released a bad product, just products not addressed to you.

Last one: Sony had a strategy to complex for you to understand. It was not a mistake; it’s a long term plan. OK. Not going to bother too much with that other than to say Sony is run by people and unavoidably people make mistakes. Also Sony exists by selling products and if a product doesn’t sell… You know the rest.

Why did I post this long thread? Because I want people to understand that criticism is the way to provide feedback. Praising a product is nice but it won’t help anybody improve.

You want to express your support to Sony – buy something.

You want better Sony Cameras – criticize.

Sony at this moment is the leader with a considerable advantage over the rest of the market. Probably about 5 years ahead anybody else. They don’t need protection they need feedback and pressure to improve.

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