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Re: DOF for the photographer or the client?

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There is an interesting figure in the article showing bokeh from an f1.8 lens to an f1.4 lens, and the f1.4 lens is superior

One interesting moment that is not mentioned, is that customers rarely want these extreme shallow dof portraits, with one eye sharp, the other a bit blurry, and the nose tip out of focus.

I don't understand why is it that so many people the first thing they think about when talking about fast lenses is having one eye in focus look...while many of my clients like that very "dramatic" look of just the eyes in focus, for me the most useful part of fast glass is when doing half or full body shots while allowing me to make the subject pop out of the background when desired.

Totally agree. I often do group shots of 10 or more people wide open, as is provides a pop that separates the group from the background, and you can't get that with slower lenses.

What are you talking about, Willis? A group shot at f1.2 or f1.4 is a trainwreck!!! This is the PERFECT book example of the worst possible scenario to use an f1.2 lens. Always. Having to tell people to temporarily join the Cirque Du Soleil crew and try all to lay in a razor thin focal plane, or have some people that from very far all look good then get a bot closer and half the people are totally OOF.

I find it ironic that you opened your argument with "what are you taking about Willis?" Before spouting a bunch of nonsensical verbiage about Cirque Du Soleil and having to tell people things...I guess you just don't get it. That's fine.

BTW, it's "what you talkin 'bout Willis?".

Depends on what that "professional" is doing..there are all sorts of professional work styles.

These bright aperture settings is mostly for photographers who want to impress other photographers, from a technical aspect, since most are not much aware of what a photographic representation is and how we communicate with photographs.

This is just simply absurd and shows a lack of knowledge about what other photographer's needs may be. YOUR needs are not the needs of everyone else nor is your style the only one valid.

Just because for YOU, fast glass is not needed or desired does not mean that people that buy fast lenses do so just to impress other photographers. Such a statement is not only silly but rather insulting to other professionals.

Well said. I understand why some folks prioritize cost and weight, but I prioritize ultimate image quality wide open.

Ultimate image quality wide open makes no sense whatsoever as a concept. An f1.2 lens may be amazing at f1.8 and people may use it there, while another f1.8 max lens may be a tad worst being wide open at the aperture, and your comment would mean that one should get the latter, where as you are trying to say something else, but it's not clear why you feel like others should be bulked into the Lazy & Cheap Category so ever casually.

I never said that at all. Read my comment. Cheap and lazy is all your words.

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