Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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Re: Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

waldoh wrote:

It’s pretty simple to void the majority of these arguments, just take price out of the equation.

If two lenses were the exact same price, one f1.4, one f1.8 with the f1.4 being optically superior, larger and heavier, which would you buy?

If you can honestly answer you would still take the f1.8 for weight/size savings with a trade off of IQ, then you should buy the f1.8. If not, stop lying to yourself and trying to get internet opinions “validating” your decision.

In my experience that's no the best way to test it, because most would think f1.4 also include f1.8 and I can carry a little more weigth. The best one is to give them both for a year, and have an app register how many times each lens is used and at what apertures.

In my case, I have many fast lenses, not f0.95 but f1.4 version from 28 to 85 and f2 to 135. And the ones that get 95% of the use are the (high quality, premium) slower versions, usually f2 to f2.8.

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