Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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Re: Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

sportyaccordy wrote:

"Need" in the context of four to five figure camera kits for hobbyists is a very dubious concept.

That said, for me it's very focal length dependent. Right now, the only FLs I'm interested in for primes are 14mm (or wider, but rectilinear), 35-40mm, and 135mm. For 35-40mm, I want the lens as fast as possible as that's my low light/indoor lens. Sure, "modern sensors let you push ISOs higher"... which only expands my operating envelope more. For the rest, F/2.8 is fine. UWA subjects don't move and shutter speeds are forgiving. And I don't shoot action, and am fine with F/2.8 level of separation with tele lenses. A light, sharp, cheap 135/2.8 would be great.

I like your comment about separating out lenses depending on FL.  So true.  You can sort of tell from the comments of many as to whether they are studio shooters or those that travel/walk around - from their comments.  I hate carrying a large camera bag into a small shop or restaurant, e.g.  I do have a 135 f2 that i like a lot, but had considered holding out for a f2.8.

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