Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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Re: Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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lawny13 wrote:

Haha... so perhaps it is throwing a bit of a landmine out there.
But one can easily post an article on here about how we don't need those MP monsters. Any argument against the article could result in the counter argument that the intended audience is for hobbiests.

For sure, I don't think that's a land mine at all. People like having fancy toys. I think it would be better to just admit to that than try to justify why one "needs" 60MP over 42MP, or F/1.2 over F/1.4 for example. The lies people tell themselves and project are ridiculous.

The need for faster glass is an easy one to prove. If you find yourself shooting in dim lighting and your camera struggles to grab focus, then a faster lens would resolve that. Lets round up and say that the difference is 1 stop of light (so 2x more light). You are of the opinion that it would help the sensor see better and grab focus faster? So I am not going down the IQ rabbit hole, but AF speed is a measurable tangible advantage that faster glass has.

Why round up? We have real data, and it points to the opposite conclusion. If we are talking light gathering ability, then F-stop is kind of useless; T-stop is the relevant metric, and that generally cuts down the difference a good bit. For example, the cheapo 50 1.8 has a T-stop measurement of 1.8. The 50 1.4 ZA's T-stop is 1.6. Is 1/3 of a stop really going to make the difference in acquiring focus? The faster lenses are the bigger the F & T stop gap tends to be.

all valid arguments.

generally though it do make quite a bit of difference in terms of AF performance if you look at f4 vs f2.8. And the 50f1.2 RF absolutely focuses better wide open compared to a F1.8. But... with the lack of IS you are still potentially pushing higher ISOs than you want.

There are a lot of reasons to get faster glass... but ironically, speed often isn't one of them

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