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Re: Is there a need for more than a phone?

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The article that is referred to poses a logic that is in fact a slippery slop as it can be applied to everything.

Why draw the line at needing F1.8? You can easily use the same argument to say that f2.8 is good enough.

Fair point. And arguments like that are made all the time... FF is only 1 stop better than aps-c. A 2.8 lens is only 1 stop better than an F4 lens.

Of course, you add up all those stops...... And it becomes a major difference.

That said, we can start to look at diminishing returns, and price/weight trade offs.

A 1.8 primes offers a pretty significant advantage over a 2.8 zoom, typically at much lower weight and price than the 2.8 zoom.

While a 1.4 prime offers a narrower advantage over the 1.8... at greatly increased price and weight.

So... yes, a 1.4 lens on a full frame body offers many many stops of advantage over an F3.5-6.3 kit lens on aps-c body. And it would be pretty arbitrary to say which link in the chain is unnecessary.

But we can look at a 1.4 versus a 1.8.... and evaluate the amount being gained, at what cost in weight and dollars. And why stop at F1.4? Should be all be abandoning Sony because they don't offer 1.2 primes?

Should be all be shooting with the 0.95 Nikon Noct?

We are ALL drawing the line at some point. And the line between 1.4 and 1.8 becomes a massive price/weight differentiator.

But I think you get what I mean. F1.8 is arbitrary. I can just as easily argue... “no not F1.8, f2 is a better middle of the road”. In a few years when ISO performance gets better then that argument would shift once again, and again and again.

The tradeoffs between F/1.8 and F/2 are basically non-existent though. Nobody is making F/1.8 and F/2 versions of the same FL; it's almost always one or the other.

I don't think ISO performance is going to get any better either. According to PhotonsToPhotos at high ISO we are basically at the theoretical limits of dynamic range. So we kind of are where we are gonna be.

Hobbiests in general dont need. We want. For example.

Is the greater need to produce good or even great images to know and control the light and situation? You can push the idea that one can justify F1.8. But a regular hobbiest with 2 years experience with his A7RIII and F1.8 prime taking pictures as is vs an experienced pro with a kit lens, entry level aps-c dslr who placed his subject at desired to camera and to background ratios, sets up the light to do exactly what he envisions etc etc.

How far does the hobbiest get in terms of picture quality and audience engagement vs the pro?? Need in photography is at least in part subjective because besides being technical photography is an art right?

Basically I find these generalisations to be kinda pointless. Next thing you know we will go down the path of color science and rendering and character of the lens blah blah blah...

I agree. Truthfully I could probably make do with a 2.8 prime. But why? I enjoy shooting my 35 1.4. I can afford to have it. Those reasons alone are enough justification for me.

People here have a compulsion to try and rationalize the subjective or irrational. I remember someone went off when I spoke to the silliness of needing F/1.2 when an F/1.4 lens was available. I think people would be a lot happier if they just acknowledged the frivolity of it all.

The only people who "need" cameras are folks who take pictures for a living. And even then I sincerely doubt the gap between F/1.8 and F/1.4 makes any material difference to the client. As gear continues to improve the lies we tell ourselves to justify the next upgrade gets more and more ridiculous.

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