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Re: Is there a need for more than a phone?

sportyaccordy wrote:

lawny13 wrote:

The article that is referred to poses a logic that is in fact a slippery slop as it can be applied to everything.

Why draw the line at needing F1.8? You can easily use the same argument to say that f2.8 is good enough.

Not really. Every photographer has a threshold of acceptable image quality, and in light or shutter speed challenged conditions that extra stop can make a big difference. I'd much rather get a shot at ISO6400 than 12800 or even 25600. Sports photographers battle with this all the time.

That's usually a difference of whole stops though, with commensurate T-stop gains to validate it. The light gathering difference between F/1.4 and F/1.8 is often... dubious, to say the least.

The referenced article talks about the need of F1.2 and F1.4. The former is a full stop more light than F1.8. So that fits into the whole stops argument.

As for thresholds the same can be said about the speed of lenses. So following your argument you can justify the need for a F1.2 lens if it allows you to shoot at 6400 instead of 12800, it a 1.4 lens that lets you shoot at 7000 or 8000 iSO instead of 12800. You see you can always argue that something is not needed on your prospective but as you mentioned yourself every photographer ya certain threshold.

The implication that iSO performance in terms of noise is the only metric is also simplistic. How about the photographers that do 2-5 stop shadow lifting? They can justify every DR gain is a need. How about Astro shooters where the more light they can get the better in terms of minimising start trails.

f1.8 as the red line seems awefully arbitrary. And considering how many people just post on social media ISO 12800 out of an A7III is doable. So why the “need” for lower?

As the saying goes... every iconic image ever taken was taken with worse gear than we have now. Argo you don’t need all this tech to make great images. What you need is the skills to work what you have

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