Item stolen from hotel reception after delivery - who's liable?

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Re: Item stolen from hotel reception after delivery - who's liable?

Unless you can go to the hotel with a legible POD, they can simply refuse your claim because there is no proof of delivery - just having an employee's name is not evidence of delivery.

However, in the absence of a POD, then the carrier is liable; but the carrier is liable to the sender, not the addressee (I am assuming that the parcel was addressed to you e.g. Tom Smith, Guest at Mantra Legends Hotel, and not just addressed to the hotel without a name). Therefore, you should also be advising the sender of the failed delivery (failed to be delivered to you) as they may be in a better position to get a decent POD as it is their contract with the carrier, not yours.

You may be able to use your Company's influence if they are a regular customer of the Mantra Group.

I will say that in these circumstances, time is of the essence in escalating claims, so waiting so long is not helping your case. Nevertheless, I hope you are able to find your missing parcel and do not end up suffering a financial loss.

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