Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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Is there a need for more than a phone?

The article that is referred to poses a logic that is in fact a slippery slop as it can be applied to everything.

Why draw the line at needing F1.8? You can easily use the same argument to say that f2.8 is good enough.

Some say that the intention and target audience are hobbiests. Fair enough, pros tend to make a business decision regarding their need for gear so it is hard to argue they won’t need something they have determined they need.

So when we come to hobbiests. Rather than going down incremental arguments regarding needs I will just cut to the end.

The only thing a hobbiest needs for doing the hobby of photography is a camera. Which means your phone is all you need. The rest is gravy. Your phone, a few clip on lenses, some good apps for controlling ISO and shutter speed and a PP program and done. Most of our “needs” are covered taking into account the vast majority of images taken and the vast majority of media images are presented on (social media).

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