Constant light (Apurture 120/130) vs. classical strobes — which way to go?

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Re: Constant light (Apurture 120/130) vs. classical strobes — which way to go?

Thank you all for your valuable feedback!

You convinced me to go with strobes/flashes. I ordered two AD200 Pros even though I'm a bit skeptical about the capabilities of the modeling light(s). Finally, I was torn between the AD200 Pro and the AD400. I'm still not sure whether I made the right decision, but well, time will tell.

I will keep an eye on the constant lightening development and maybe someday buy one.  I like the Apurture line. I do have only two soft boxes, but the have the Bowens Mount.

At least, I bought a Rotolight NEO2. So maybe I can use it somehow as an additional light.

And: Godox is about to release new constant light devices soon.

Now I have to find a suitable boom stand for the two AD200 Pros + AD-B2 and the Apurture Light Dome II. I'm still not sure, what I need. It should Carry two AD200s + Softbox/Light Dome (also bigger ones) and at the same time be not too heavy so it can be used mobile as well. Not sure, if this is possible. As mentioned at the moment I will also use it indoors in my living room which isn't that big.

I came about the Manfrotto 420 but it only carries 1,5 kg of weight when using the boom. That won't work, I suppose

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