Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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there is a rational need for F1.4 lenses

waldoh wrote:

It’s pretty simple to void the majority of these arguments, just take price out of the equation.

If two lenses were the exact same price, one f1.4, one f1.8 with the f1.4 being optically superior, larger and heavier, which would you buy?

If you can honestly answer you would still take the f1.8 for weight/size savings with a trade off of IQ, then you should buy the f1.8. If not, stop lying to yourself and trying to get internet opinions “validating” your decision.

wholeheartedly agreed!

Straight to the point. Of course provided the faster prime is the optically better lens with tighter tolerances.

We forget sometimes that lens designs are compromises in cost, manufacturing capabilities and marketing positioning. On to of that you get also progress over time where a new slower lens can be better than an older design with faster speed.

Most of the time the more expensive lens with the faster aperture and thus higher price wins (with few exceptions).

The GM 85 beats the 85 f(1.8 by a good deal and has a different bokeh. I've tested both and the result is far from being negligible.

There are lots of pairs where the faster lens is superior to the slower lens

this applies also the Batis 135 vs the GM 135 and the GM 85 vs the various 85 f/1.8 primes.

In case weight and size is no concern I'd always go for the faster prime - simply because you can stop down but you can't open beyond the limitations of the lens.

For travel I have a travel setup being slower - on location I simply have what's best. The cost for good lenses is btw. almost irrelevant - exquisite lenses keep their value over time - mediocre tend to loose a lot of resale price over time due to the mass of availability of budget lenses on the market. Look e.g. at the famous fast Canon primes - they sell for a fortune today.

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