Camera, Lens or Me?

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Camera, Lens or Me?

Hi, having just come back from an amazing trip to Namibia where I thought I got some great shots, I have gone to edit my photos to find they're all a bit "meh".

A lot of the photos seem to be slightly out of focus but there doesn't seem to be any part of the photo that is fully in focus at all, which makes me rule out front/back focusing (I have MFA the lens previously). This has happened on almost all the photos with shutter speeds ranging from 1/100 up to 1/2500 so I'm ruling out motion blur for the most part.

All the photos seem to have a "smudgy" effect and don't look crisp or sharp.

For example, these lion cubs below I spent 10 mins photographing with them sat down, walking about, playing jumping etc. but they all seem OOF. All photos have been PP to try and sharpen them up a little.

Canon 80d with 100-400 IS ii - f7.1, 1/1000s, ISO 640

Then these lions (admittedly were shot in to the sun a little) look in focus but not "crisp"

Canon 80d with 100-400 IS ii - f/8, 1/640s, ISO 250

The "sharpest image" I took was this one of a spotted hyena

Canon 80d with 100-400 IS ii - f/5.6, 1/2500s, ISO 3200 (not sure why I had shutter speed so high). This is cropped very little but is the minimum quality I would be expecting as it still isn't very sharp considering the fantastic lighting conditions.

My question is do you think my issues are with my camera (80D) missing focus, my lens (100-400D) perhaps the IS? Or just simply me doing something wrong?

My next step is to perhaps rent a camera/lens/both but it isn't cheap to rent a 100-400 ii for a weekend only to find it's something completely different so hoped someone may have some suggestions first.



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