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Re: nx500 repair

Vasile is long gone, Peter was necroposting with unrelated issue.

FWIW, regarding MAC address, it's fairly trivial to change it on NX500 (and the change persists reboot) as there is an actual command for .adj file that does it. I've done it and was "lucky" enough to set the wrong bit that says it's temporary address so I had to reconnect to Wi-Fi AP every time manually.

If you really want to know, here is snippet from github.com and the rest of the information is in the service manual

Accessing CS Mode
Don't do it.

Really, if you really need to disable WiFi or change BT MAC, or change shipping country - you will find needed information from service manual. I would stay clear.

That said, the procedure is the same, just the name of the file is nx_cs.adj and adjustment script files should have names like adjustment/nx500/7.shipment_country.adj and the like. Without those files you can only disable WiFi.

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