Tamron 17-28mm vs Sigma 14-25mm

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Re: I have the S. 14-24 with an 'R4 and...

Jeffrey Behr wrote:

...they are excellent together, all the way from 14mm thru 24mm...or at least this copy of the lens is.. I also have this lens in L-mount on a 47MP Pan. S1R and they are excellent from 14 thru about 21mm.. I don't 'need' a 14-, 15-, or 16mm lens, but 'they' come with the lens.

I have a Tamron 17-28 (rented) coming Tuesday to compare with the Sigma; if the 17-28 is close optically, I'll buy one and return the Sigma.. For me, its advantages are lower weight, lower cost, better-for-me focal-length range, and its use of screw-on filters.

I've used the large filter systems (all Fotodiox's WonderPana systems*) on a half-dozen lenses, and while they're not unworkable or unaffordable, I'd rather not have to do it.

Stay tuned to this forum for a report Tuesday or Wednesday.

* and still have one for the Canon 17mm TS-E lens, which I no longer own

Looking forward to your review as well 😊👍 I cant stand hauling around big filters anymore. It's so time consuming putting it on and forget hiking anywhere lol 😂

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