Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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Re: Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

You can look at this question two ways.

How often do you need f1.4?

How often do you shoot f1.4?

I admit i don't need f1.4. I can always just up the ISO and get a little bit of noise and have less bokeh. It won't change my photography much. You can look at old WW2 photos and I don't think those photos would be more or less moving if it had more or less noise.

But how often do I actually shoot f1.4? Actually quite often. Most my pictures are not f1.4 but I do get a few snaps at that aperture every shoot. I try to get 1 image with that super shallow DOF style. I don't need to but hey why not.

Sometimes I'm taking a group photo and I'm steeping back do much the DOF doesn't really matter and it's low light. I would use 1.4 then. It's a free 2/3 of a stop. Get that ISO down for a cleaner look.

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