What should Pentax do with the twin mode dial?

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miles green
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What should Pentax do with the twin mode dial?

I mean the 2 dials on the top of the K1, K1ii, KP and now un-announced K3iii (naming it is the subject of another poll). The twin-dial "A" gives you fast access to a setting, while twin-dial "B" allows you to adjust the setting you selected on the first dial.

Twin-dial "B" is often referred to as the 3rd dial, the first 2 being the rear thumb dial which defaults to the aperture, and the second under thte index finger, which defaults to shutter speed.

Following this logic, I like assigning the 3rd dial to exposure compensation (or sometimes ISO) on my K1, even though I have access to the ISO by combining the ISO button under the index finger and the thumb dial for adjustment.

But as Pentax has implemented on the K1ii and KP, it is also a very elegant way to access other (common) settings, and offer more customization on the 3rd dial. And we can still see what we have assigned the dial to do at a glance without digging into the menu (I always forget what my Fx buttons are assigned to do).

But what's your opinion regarding what the twin dials should do?

K1 style: a bit of everything: ISO, exposure comp, drive speed, bracketing, hdr, grid, SR (on-off), crop modes, wi-fi. A bit of a mess really. Mine is usually on exp. comp or HDR. If we're going to put everything here, PS should have been here too. I'm used to it now, but it's reminiscent of spanish paella: everything is on (in) it: chicken, saussages, shrimp, veggies, rice...

KP style has: A/E, HDR, drive speed, and 3 custom functions. I don't have a KP, so i haven't used it. But especially asa there is no ISO button under the index finger, i think it's missing the ISO setting. And at a glance, "C1/2/3" doesn't mean anything to me. But it looks tidier, and offers some customization.

On the new aps-c flagship the dials seem separated, the mode dial is for OVF/LV/Video. So I'm assuming that the function of the 3rd wheel is assigned through the graphical UI, through the menus, or mabe with a direct access button. This is probably the best solution. But it is screen dependent. I'd have ISO, exposure comp, PS and HDR on it.

Your thoughts?

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K1 style: the paella of camera dials.
10% 1  vote
KP style, with some customization
20% 2  votes
Future aps-c flagship: Function is assigned through the menus or a direct access button in conjuction with the dial.
70% 7  votes
0% 0  votes
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