New iPadOS makes iPad Pro a Sony image-processing beast for travel

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Re: New iPadOS makes iPad Pro a Sony image-processing beast for travel

W3PYF wrote:

The new iPadOS makes the iPad Pro tablets a quantum leap forward in portable image processing – especially Sony ARW files.

The iPad Pro now accepts hard drives directly – and when those hard drives are formatted as OSX journaled, very competitive with the MacBook Pro in both speed of attachment and access.

iPadOS now reads and displays Sony ARW files as well as jpegs. And even neater, when you click on one, you can load it directly into Lightroom (or almost any other imaging processing app you want) for immediate processing. And you can save the processed file anywhere you wish, including the cloud (although it also loads it to the Adobe cloud if you use it).

It now accepts a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad. While the functionality reminds me of the single-button mouse connected to a 1984 Mac, that will surely improve with subsequent OS updates.

I’ve found an excellent Bluetooth keyboard, and I’ve added a 8-in-1 hub to my travel kit. That hub connects SD cards, hard drives, USB drives, HDMI cables and – if I wanted – Ethernet connections, all while passing through power to the USB-C socket on the iPad Pro.

The proliferation of image processing apps available for the iPad, along with Office 365 apps, persuaded me to replace my aging 13” MacBook Pro and 9.7” iPad Pro with a 12.9” iPad Pro – as soon as iPadOS was announced. That proved a good choice.

iPadOS has many other upgrades from iOS 13 that make the iPad Pro such a pleasure to use. I’ve just “focused” on Sony ARW advantages here.

I have no intention to respond to any “yeah but Android and Surface had all that first” comments from those who don’t like Apple. Apple phone and Genius Bar support, its aggressive cleansing of its App Store, resistance to viruses and malware, and smooth integration across my iMac, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro persuade me of the wisdom of switching to Apple from Windows almost a decade ago. If you’re happy with alternatives, good for you. My hardware is for business as well as pleasure, and so, access to great Apple support justifies the cost to me.


I am not in the "apple" is worse or apple is better than microsoft. I use whatever is best for the task e.g. my servers run on linux (and certain linux distros are better than others, but I won't get into that). Most of my work computers run windows. People who make blanket statements about X or Y usually don't know much about X or Y so I can understand you don't want to get into those kind of debates.

When I bought my phone, apple phones didn't offer USB 3.1. They've had ports which theoretically support those speeds but when you test them, they operated at USB 2 speeds. I'm not sure if this is still the case (it was last year) but I imagine it is.

If I want to back up photographs to an SSD, I use an android phone and then I plug in a USB hub into its port. I put a memory card reader in one socket and an SD card in the other. There's no reason to take something as big as a tablet to do this.

I think you should look after data regardless of whether you're a hobbyist or pro. Most people can save themselves some money and use their phone.

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