Focus accuracy of 90d

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Analysis: Focus accuracy of 90d

Chuck6345 wrote:

Review seemed to say that the optical viewfinder accuracy of 90d is not so good. Any experience with it?

Analyzed the review viewfinder and live view bicycle photos in full size and in DPP in order to see AF points.

The viewfinder single point AF point is much, much smaller than the live view AF point, and it is placed on the darkest lowest contrast point on the rider throughout the 16 frame series. There is nothing in focus in the first (and many) of the viewfinder shots because the Canon AF system cannot focus on a dark no contrast area.

By comparison the live view single point covers the face and vest and arms of the rider (bright and high contrast).

I don't know why DPR reviewers chose single point rather than center plus surrounding points modes or even the 9-point zone when taking the viewfinder set.  Or the photographer could have placed the single point on the helmet or a part of the vest (bright and high contrast).  I do not believe DPR made a reasonable or trustworthy evaluation of 90D viewfinder AF.

Here are some photos that demonstrate the comparison:

VF left LV right on the first shot from each series at 200% to see red AF box.

DPP view of first VF frame showing AF point.  EXIF shows that no AFMA was done. It may not have been necessary.

VF first frame in full size. I can not find anything in focus.

DPP view of #15 VF frame showing AF point

VF #15 frame in full size

DPP view of first LV frame showing AF point

LV first frame in full size

DPP view of LV #15 frame showing AF point

LV #15 frame in full size

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