Leica Q2 AF issues with backlit scenes

Started Sep 28, 2019 | Discussions thread
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Re: Leica Q2 AF issues with backlit scenes

lnsmr wrote:

General impression for Q/Q2 owner seems to be accurate and fast AF, and that has been my experience as well, even in dark scenes (although annoying lagged EVF). However, I have had many missed focus with backlit situations when I shoot people who are in front of strong light source (e.g., the sun).

The red-cross AF indication is actually acceptable to me. Frustrating as it is, at least I know AF failed. I generally switched to MF. The problem is that I also had a large number of false positive AF indication that I only learn about missed AF when I process later.

Any tips or suggestions?

I've had similar results. The Q2 autofocus is only OK. Definitely not fantastic.

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