My review as an amateur user of the Nikon D800

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Re: My review as an amateur user of the Nikon D800

Let's be honest, we can't expect Nikon to sit there and keeping produce D800s, they sure last longer than any of our smartphones don't they? Ok, I use an iPhone 7+ and there is a brand new 8+ in the drawer, do I need it? Does it do anything the old one doesn't do? It's a phone, I replaced the battery and till it fails it does everything I expect off a mobile phone, damn, my MacBookAir has 256GB storage, my iPhone got the same!!!

So, it sure does the D850 a better camera with a higher burst, the touch screen (I am waiting for girls to be touch screen and look for that Airplane mode button...), Wi-Fi (does it have Wi-Fi and WhatsApp?), the faster buffer, the extra MP (30% more, correct?), the fancier C-AF modes, the tillable screen (ouch, can't twist it to the front to sit it on a selfie stick with a fisheye to replace the cheapo GoPro...), yes, if I had the money I'd get one and am sure that in a year or two I will have to, no matter how much I cherish the D800 it has been lasting quite long, maybe it has like 60K actuations on the shutter but, hey, it's high tech and it's not supposed to last that long not to say I don'w want Nikon clerks to go work for Canon!!!

Lunga vita D800!!!

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