Leica Q2 AF issues with backlit scenes

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Re: Panasonic familiarity does prep you to a degree.

Godfrey wrote:

lnsmr wrote:

...Any tips on settings for quick MF? Currently I am relying on 3x magnification (more FOV than 6x) with highlight, but sometimes get soft focus when shooting f/1.7. Wonder how reliable is the AF highlight assist. Perhaps that allows focusing without magnification.

Learn to think in focus zones rather than critical focus.

I use manual focus lenses on my CL because I can just set the distance and focus zone with the focus and aperture, and then I don't focus at all: I just frame and make exposures. This is perhaps a little more difficult on the Q/Q2, I'm not sure, but I do the same with every camera. It just takes a little time and experimentation so that you understand how much focus 'criticality' is essential to your satisfaction ... how much defocus you can tolerate and still get the results you want.

I often get a baseline setting by using maximum magnification and focus on something critically, just so I know where the right point is, then I just move the focusing ring a nudge this way or that by estimation when actually shooting. I've gotten very good results this way.


Thank you for the tip.  The difficulty of Q2 focusing has to do with focusing by wire implementation, although it is much better implemented than other such mechanisms I have used.  Contrast assist and stopping down definitely help as well.

I am really hoping that Leica would improve its AF by firmware update (even if they charge for it), like what Canon did with the RF.  Just got back from a family trip in Kyoto.  Many missed shots.  Noticed that most of the missed AF has to do with contrasty background, as the spot focus point seems not a point but a zone (supposedly smaller than field focus?), and it jumps when someone with high contrast cloth walks behind.  A good eye AF would likely to eliminate this problem, although I have not experienced with the latest Sony yet.

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