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AnthonyL wrote:

47872Mike wrote:

This review relates only to my use of the lens on a 6D full-frame camera.
Sharpness and contrast are excellent right from f2.8, with the exception of very extreme corners. It's well-made and doesn't have that annoying play found in the focusing mechanism of many cheaper Canons, so it is capable of focusing consistently where the camera wants it to...unlike, for example, the 50/1.8 II I used.
It doesn't acquire focus particularly quickly, but it isn't slow enough for that to be a massive issue.
What is looking like it might be a massive issue is the curved field. Not because in itself it affects most real-world images (although it does presumably contribute to the unsharpness of extreme corners), but specifically because if you use centre focus and recompose, as many 6D owners do, you are likely to get a lot of very blurred shots.

Are you sure that this is down to lens design and not due to the distance to subject changing when recomposing?


I tested it rather carefully with static objects which weren't moving, so yes, it appears to me to be down to the optical design of the lens.

I should add that my focus/recompose tests were done close to minimum focus distance and that I was testing for (looking for!) the problem, which I was surprised to find was glaringly obvious. Subsequent use suggests that it is probably only seriously problematic at very close distances, so my initial assessment of the likelihood of getting many very blurred subjects is looking a bit hyperbolic.

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